July 1, 2017

Can I tell you something? Change is hard.

Change is hard, but it can also be beautiful. I can raise my hand and attest to that in more ways than one. Jeff and I moved from Prescott, Arizona to San Diego, California during the summer of 2016. Literally the week after getting married, we packed up our house and set foot to make San Diego our new home. Talk about life changers! We were fresh newlyweds and just uprooted ourselves from what we had known as home for more than ten years!

I’ll be the first to admit that change is hard. We were on a new adventure and yet this felt like the hardest transition I had ever made. I felt like we had left behind everything we knew and loved, from friends that felt like family, to the familiar surroundings of where Jeff and I had built our life together.

I was devastated and I felt completely alone. Somedays I felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore, because I had this vision in my mind that everything I was, was back in Arizona, back at the home and life we left behind. Months passed and I was encouraged to set my focus on something, anything at this point, other than remorse. So I set my focus on finding myself again, and during this journey I stumbled upon a book called “Uninvited” by Lysa Terkeurst.

The moment I read the first paragraph of this book, I thought she was literally writing about me. Her words resonated so strongly and touched my heart so much that I couldn’t put the book down. I finished it in less than three days (and then re-read it!)! And that’s when I thought to myself, I am not alone!

And here is where the beauty of change comes in. . . .

While change is hard, it welcomes a time for growth. While change is hard, it helps you discover your strength. While change is hard, it opens your eyes. And while change is hard, it allows you to find community.

Because of change,  I discovered a community that has impacted my life and my business in such a major way and more than I could have ever dreamt or hoped for. A community called “The Rising Tide Society”. It was through RTS and Tuesdays Together that I have met some pretty incredible people with hearts so welcoming and assuring, that this “change” that I was going through, didn’t feel so lonely anymore.

It is because of this community and the wonderful creatives that I have met and had the honor of working with, that I have made it a mission in my business to always pursue the message of community over competition and to always uplift others with a heart of love and service.

So while change is hard, just know that you’re not alone. . . . I see you, and know that you’re meant to pursue great things. I see you, and I am cheering you on from afar. I see you, and I want to let you know that it’s ok to be where you are in life today.

Without these changes, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and my business wouldn’t be what it is today. With this in mind, everyday I’ll do my best to embrace whatever change this crazy beautiful life sends my way and I hope you do too!

So let’s cheers to change and pursue our dreams!

With Love,

Shari Anne

Love Notes:
Floral Images: Shari Anne Photography
Portrait: Taylor Jade Photography



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