March 27, 2018

My Top 5 Travel Essentials

Being an Entrepreneur and a Creative, I have found myself traveling quite a bit. Whether it’s traveling for weddings, a conference or traveling for leisure, I’m flying out of San Diego often. In just a few days, I’ll be traveling to beautiful Lake Tahoe for business and after that I’ll be making my way to Nashville, Tennessee for some much needed R+R. But before I head out on these trips, I wanted to share my top 5 travel essentials with you! I’ve listed some of my go-to favorites and some things that just make life a whole lot easier! Everything from luggage to my trusty camera bag made the list!

01. My DELSEY Chatelet Luggage
Ok, let’s talk luggage for a second. I have forever and a day traveled with luggage that has only had two wheels and would tip over at a moment’s notice if not constantly held. (I’ll be honest, I’m an over packer too, so it may be a little top heavy to begin with!) But those days are over! BECAUSE I have found a dream come true when it comes to luggage! The Delsey Chatelet not only has four wheels for easily gliding through airports, it comes equipped with a personal 3-digit lock along with a TSA port, AND wait for it…(the BEST part) it has a braking system! So you’ll never have to worry about it rolling away (especially in cities like San Francisco)! And that’s just the exterior! The interior has TWO compartments for your clothes and a zippered lining on each side to help keep your belongings organized. If you travel as much as I do, this not only is a necessity for a jet setter, but speaks wonders to an organizer’s mind too!

02. My Frye Claude Crossbody
I’ve spent eons trying to find the perfect bag and this crossbody is literally one of the best I have ever found! Not too small and not too big, it’s the perfect in between!  I’m able to fit all of my day-to-day necessities inside, from my Kate Spade Card Holder and iPhone7 to my charging cords and even my Bullet Journal! (Amazingly, it all fits!) It’s made of quality leather that will stand the weathering of daily use and the best thing about it, is it has an adjustable strap to help with finding the perfect length for your height! I’m 5’4″and I can adjust the length to sit perfectly on my side, which is great when traveling!

03. My C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve
Talk about a saving grace! This is easily a go-to for me and is one of my ULTIMATE favorites from the C.O. Bigelow line! It’s not just a lip gloss, it’s literally an all purpose salve that you can use on your lips, face, cuticles, elbows and even your knees! It has a soothing rose extract that goes on extra smooth, and has just enough gloss to add that perfect boost to your lips! It comes in an adorable little red tin, keeping it from melting in your bag. It also meets TSA requirements being 0.8 oz, so you can easily just toss it in your bag and go!

04. My Warby Parker Eyeglasses
I wear contacts most days, but after spending a day traveling, photographing a wedding or being behind a silver screen for more than a few hours, I find myself reaching for my glasses to give my eyes a break. And I swear by my Warby Parkers, I have the “Daisy” version! They come in a light-weight but sturdy case, which is the perfect size to tuck away in your suit case or carry-on when traveling. Easily the best pair of glasses I’ve ever owned!

05. My Kelly Moore Songbird Bag
This has been my trusty camera bag for years! It literally goes EVERYWHERE with me! The Songbird has pockets and storage galore and can fit everything from a 13-inch MacBook, two to three lenses and a camera body and STILL have room to spare for all of your other gadgets! Plus it’s lightweight and has a super soft feel to it! I once traveled to Washington D.C. for 24 hours with just my Kelly Moore Songbird, my camera and the clothes on my back and it was the perfect bag to have on that trip! Hands down, a must have for any kind of travel!

I have plenty more to share on prepping for travel, from go-to lenses and camera equipment, to what outfits to pack for weddings and travel days! But these top 5 make the world of difference! And as you plan for your next adventure, I hope my list helps you!

Shari Anne



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